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The Making of a Great Hot Dog

Hey Gang,

The Hot Dog, (frankfurter, wiener) dates back to the 1400’s and first appeared in America in 1870 on the Coney Island boardwalk. It was a hit at the 1893 World’s Fair launching the Hot Dog as an American classic and a favorite food at sporting events, outdoor events and backyard barbeques.

There is NO secret formula to a great quality Hot Dog, so let’s get started. First off, two things make for a memorable Hot Dog, the quality of the frank, wiener and how the Hot Dog is prepared. The good news is there are outstanding franks, wieners available nationwide with most available at your local store. I hate to say it, but you get what you pay for. Spending an extra buck or two on a pack of franks goes a long way. Now let me make myself clear, what makes a Hot Dog truly great is the way it is PREPARED! Take a moment a think back to those great Hot Dogs you have enjoyed. I will bet it was at a ball park, Hot Dog street vendor, and of course one of Boner Billy’s Famous Hot Dogs. Do you remember how that Hot Dog “snapped” when you bite into it, filling your month with Hot Dog juices. The “snap” is from how the Hot Dog was prepared. Now for the secret to making a great hot dog, steam! That’s right, the best Hot Dogs out there are steamed, and nothing comes close to a steamed Hot Dog. For those who boil their Hot Dogs this is by far the very worst thing you can do. Would you buy a fine steak and throw it into boiling water? For those who like to BBQ their Hot Dogs the secret is to cook the Hot Dog on low heat and slow and never puncher the Hot Dog and chance letting the juices out.

Whether you’re Hot Dog is made of soy, beef or chicken, steaming a Hot Dog and its bun is a great way to get that “stadium” “Boner Billy’s” Hot Dog taste without boiling out the flavor. Please note that some soy-based hot dogs may recommend that you follow their packages cooking instruction, to preserve. either the shape, flavor or coloring, if not all three.

How to Make a Great Steamed Boner Billy’s Style Hot Dog at Home

1. Put about one, two inches of water into the lower half of the pot.
2. While the water starts to heat up, put your hot dogs into the steaming chamber of your double boiler or
steamer. If you put the strainer, or steaming pot on before you add the hot dogs, you run the risk of scalding yourself with steam, once you put the hot dogs in.
3. Once the water is at a full boil, lift the lid on the pot and place the steamer pot or your colander with hot dogs above the pot. Put the lid on it, so that no steam will escape; it will steam your hot dogs to perfection.
4. Cook your hot dogs for about three minutes.
5. Lift the lid, and place the buns on top of your hot dogs with tongs, and steam for another minute or so, until your buns are soft.
6. At end of time, lift the buns and the hot dogs

To make a Boner Billy’s Style Famous Hot Dog here is a list of fittings:

All beef hot dogs
Poppy seed Hot Dog buns
Tomatoes cut into wedges
1 cup chopped sweet onion
Sweet pickle relish
Pickle spear
Yellow mustard
Sport peppers (optional)
Celery Salt (optional)
Cucumber slices (optional)
Bacon (optional)

To learn more about Boner Billy’s Famous Hot Dogs, more Hot Dog recipes, Boner Billy’s Gifts and Apparel.


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