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Hot Dog hits the beach

Boner Billy’s Famous Hot Dogs promotes via a sky banner on the California coast.





Boner Billy’s Famous Hot Dogs also offers a full and growing line of Boner Billy‘s themed apparel items, and other fun items. Make your next get together a smash with a complete Boner Billy’s themed party package. From tee shirts, hats, water bottles, mug, and yes, Boner Billy’s World Famous Hot Dogs.



The Early Days of the American Hot Dog

Boner Billy's Hot Dog Truck

One of the many Boner Billy’s Fine Foods & Merchandise delivery vehicles in the early days in San Francisco California.  Boner Billy’s est. 1849 started as a small trading post in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains. The trading post was a favorite stopover for food and supplies as thousands of gold seekers headed to the California gold fields. Boner Billy’s known for it’s large tube steak on a bun is believed to be America’s first Hot Dog. The Big Boner as it was called due to it’s size and named after it’s inventor Boner Billy was very popular.  The Big Boner was a lifesaver to miners as it was two meals in one and when wrapped in paper stayed fresh for days. A saying was coined around the area at the time. “a nugget of gold and a Big Boner and the world was yours.”

See all the Boner Billy’s vehicles over time from food truck, race cars and even a plane.


The Singing Cowboy – Ring of Fire

Boner “JR” Billy stops by a local Karaoke Bar on the Las Vegas Strip to sing a song or two in this case Johnny Cash’s famous Ring of Fire.  Boner Billy’s Famous Hot Dogs offers World class Hot Dogs and just the funniest Gifts and Apparel that will keep you laughing all day! Boner “JR” Billy, is the great great great grandson of American hero Boner “Bronco” Billy. check out Boner Billy’s Gift Shop and all the great gift and apparel items.


Surf’s up for JJ Billy













Hollywood heartthrob and teen actor JJ Billy shows off his Merrell Fankhauser tee shirt. JJ Billy is the great grandchild of American hero Boner “Bronco” Billy and happily shows off his California Music shirt that promotes surf music legend Merrell’s popular music television program. Merrell is a long time family friend of the Billy family.


Boner Billy’s and NASCAR?




Is NASCAR ready for Boner Billy’s?

In auto racing if you can’t top 10 it is safe too say you are not getting airtime or even noticed. In a sport where airtime means sponsorship Boner Billy’s “Bonermobile” would sure get a lot of talk in any race series. The question is where would be the best fit? The Boner Billy Race Team as offered any race team the go ahead to run Bone Billy Red as for any team that is running without sponsorship it is safe to say they would catch the eye of the fans and potential sponsors and be the talk of the town.


Boner Billy’s Mobile App. is here

The gang and Boner Billy’s Famous Hot Dogs has just released the Boner Billy’s Mobile App. so you now have access via your cell phone for all the fun!



The Singing Cowboy

JR Billy has taking up where great, great, great grandpa Boner “Bronco” Billy left off by promoting the family name and business. JR has been making the rounds throughout Las Vegas,  just saying hello and singing a few songs. All this is to help promote Boner Billy’s Famous Hot Dogs new Viva Las Vegas restaurant. JR is spending time getting friendly with the locals and visitors as he searches out the best location for Boner Billy’s Famous Hot Dogs. JR recently visited a local night club on Karaoke Night and dazzled the crowd with a few songs. JR told us that he just loves the Las Vegas crowds, and feels right and home here in Vegas.

For more information about Boner Billy’s new Viva Las Vegas restaurant and all the buzz around JR, and Boner Billy’s Famous Hot Dogs visit

See all off JR Billy’s (singing cowboy) on Boner Billy’s video channel

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